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Joseph Schembri

Joseph Schembri


Joseph Schembri joined the E-Dry team in 2014 looking for something different. Previously a fitter, Joseph was bored with going to the same place every day and seeing the same old faces. One of his favourite things about being a technician with E-Dry is that he gets out and about visiting different suburbs and meeting a wide range of people.

Joseph’s favourite process in his work is the air conditioning cleaning as he likes the technical side of this job. He enjoys the fact that each job is different and he’s not always doing the same thing. He says the satisfaction he gets when he’s finished a job is further enhanced by the customer’s reactions – it brightens his day.

Joseph is a “Rev Head” in the true sense of the word. He has a room full of 76 trophies awarded to him for his cars and bikes. His collection includes a 1932 Chevy Hot Rod, a 1959 FC Holden, a Bedford Van like Scooby Doo drives and a Harley. Joseph is married with a daughter and the little family spend quite a bit of time at car shows. When he’s not at a car show he is busy caring for and driving his many vehicles with the full support of his wife!