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Craig Waterston

Craig Waterston

E-Dry Manager

Craig Waterston is the Manager of the E-Dry team in Sydney and first joined the company over 11 years ago. Over the years, Craig had worked in Security, Landscaping and Demolition but found himself looking for work where he could use his people skills. E-Dry fit the bill nicely and Craig is now a highly accomplished technician and successful manager.

In his early 30s Craig is known to the E-Dry family as “Fantastic Beard” – he is a gentle giant of a man with a full beard of which he is very proud! Still single, Craig likes hanging out with his mates watching or participating in sport – especially golf and soccer.

When he’s at work, Craig loves a challenge. He gets great satisfaction from creating the WOW factor for his clients. He enjoys the confidence that the E-Dry process and his training, skills and knowledge give him. He likes all the processes that he uses in his work but currently he is enjoying the tile and grout recolouring jobs the most, because once he’s finished, it totally changes the look of a house and his amazed customers are so grateful.

Craig says that he feels supported by the company and loves it when his team pull together but the best bit is meeting all the different people and hearing their stories as he goes about his work.